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October 25th,2020 packing and grooming the new snow
We have had cooperating temps and snow for an early season start. No skiing planned for the next 2 weeks, but we are ready, with trails mowed, blow downs cleared, and trails packed and freezing.  All the snowmobiles, UTV and atttachments are ready, both PB’s are also serviced and ready once the base is built.  …

Winter Plans
ABR Ski Trails is working on our plan for a safe opening this winter. With many unknowns we are going to error on the conservative side. We are going to plan for the worst and hope for the best. First, and most importantly we plan to have all 78 km of ski trails open and …

Sunday 7 PM
Ski Trails, Snowshoe Trails , Ski Shop, Lodging,  are all closed. We closed the gates tonight with a neighbor friend Andy and his 3 children clearing the snow to close up at 5:45. Andy sent me  a  picture of their children on Pit Point enjoying the sunset. this was a great way to close the …

Snowshoeing Permitted
Snowshoeing Permitted

Dogs Permitted
Dogs Permitted

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Snowshoeing Permitted

Dogs Permitted

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