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  • Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Sawyer (WIZ008) Wisconsin Issued by the National Weather Service

Winds are South at 16.1 MPH (14 KT). The pressure is 1006.7 mb and the humidity is 57%. The wind chill is 26. Last Updated on Feb 26 2021, 7:53 pm CST. [...]

Winds are from the South at 11.5 gusting to 16.1 MPH (10 gusting to 14 KT). The humidity is 67%. The wind chill is 24. Last Updated on Feb 26 2021, 7:55 pm CST. [...]

Winds are Southwest at 10.4 MPH (9 KT). The humidity is 69%. The wind chill is 28. Last Updated on Feb 26 2021, 7:55 pm CST. [...]

Winds are South at 9.2 MPH (8 KT). The humidity is 69%. The wind chill is 27. Last Updated on Feb 26 2021, 7:55 pm CST. [...]

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Ride Horse Trails in Northern Wisconsin

A bridle path, also called a bridleway, equestrian trail, horse riding path, bridle road, or horse trail, is a trail or a thoroughfare that is used by people riding on horses, though such trails often now serve a wider range of users, including equestrians, hikers, and cyclists.

Trail riding is riding outdoors on trails, bridle paths, and forest roads, but not on roads regularly used by motorised traffic. A trail ride can be of any length, including a long distance, multi-day trip. It originated with horse riding, and in North America, the equestrian form is usually called “trail riding,” or, less often “hacking.” In the UK and Europe, the practice is usually called horse or pony trekking.

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I keep telling folk about the Munch N Done and the amazing difference it’s made to my life. I’m so pleased there is a UK supplier. As an instructor of small children, the amount of ponies that are perfect apart from the constant eating. This muzzle has changed my daughter’s confidence so much….she has balance […] The post Annabelle Worsley & Panache – Scottish Highlands appeared first on Anti-Grazing Riding Muzzle for Horses. [...]

Fantastic product! Well made, fits well and great customer service. This muzzle makes hacking out a pleasure rather than a fight!! The horses very quickly learn they can’t eat so don’t even bother trying. I won’t hack without it now! They are much neater than the nose bag jobs we were using!! I’m happy to […] The post Chris Havers & Mel – Northants appeared first on Anti-Grazing Riding Muzzle for Horses. [...]

Just received my Munch-N-Done horse riding muzzle in the post – tried it on and it fits my daughters cheeky pony really well – can’t wait to try it out; he’s so naughty trying to eat when she’s riding, he even does it right after a jump – now she’ll really get the better of […] The post Helen Landon & Lois – Ipswich appeared first on Anti-Grazing Riding Muzzle for Horses. [...]

  Enjoy two or more days away in one of our cozy log cabins with a fireplace.  Plan to put your feet up or plan your own winter adventure in the Northwoods.  Enjoy two groomed cross country ski trails, one in Mountain and one in nearby Lakewood.   Tube down a local tubing hill in Oconto Falls.  Down hill ski the Newly Opened Paul Bunyan Hill in Lakewood.   Ice Skate the local ice rink in Riverview.  Snowmobile with direct trail access right from the Ranch to the Nicolet State Trail.   Ice fish on one of our many lakes in Oconto County.   Winter… [...]

Nice thank you from Roberta. [...]

Bridget left us a lovely note. Thank you for your stay. [...]

Cross Country Ski Northern Wisconsin Trails

Cross-country skiing: the sport of skiing across the countryside, often through woods and usually on relatively flat terrain, using narrow skis with boots that can be raised off the ski at the heel when striding.

Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain, rather than using ski lifts or other forms of assistance. Cross-country skiing is widely practiced as a sport and recreational activity; however, some still use it as a means of transportation. Variants of cross-country skiing are adapted to a range of terrain which spans unimproved, sometimes mountainous terrain to groomed courses that are specifically designed for the sport.

Snowshoe Trails in Northern Wisconsin

Snowshoeing: the activity of taking part in cross-country walks over snow. Snowshoeing is centuries old and was invented for easier travel on snow. Snowshoe: a contrivance that may be attached to the foot to enable the wearer to walk on deep snow without sinking, especially a light, racket-shaped frame across which is stretched a network of rawhide.


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The post Town of Cable receives $250,000 state grant to redevelop idle resort site appeared first on American Birkebeiner. [...]

Retooled Birkie Week 2021 Slated for February 24–28, 2021 Hayward, WI (February 15, 2021) – In just over a week, the 47th Slumberland American Birkebeiner (Birkie), Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon events will begin in Cable, WI. After months of planning, and with the guidance of health and medical professionals, and the Birkie medical director, the […] The post 47th Slumberland American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet & Prince Haakon 2021 Events Fast Approaching appeared first on American Birkebeiner. [...]

The post A Message From Ben Popp, Executive Director appeared first on American Birkebeiner. [...]

The post The ABSF and Enbridge Energy appeared first on American Birkebeiner. [...]

Hayward, WI (November 6, 2020) The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF), organizers of the American Birkebeiner, “Birkie,” cross-country ski race, have entered into a purchase agreement for the long-closed Telemark Lodge and the 713-acre site on which it sits. With final purchase details in place, the ABSF is seeking broad community input on the project […] The post ABSF Seeks Community Input on Telemark Property appeared first on American Birkebeiner. [...]

We groomed all the single tracks early this morning and we touched up most of the skate lanes. 4 groomers are heading out early again in the morning to regroom. The snow is holding up well. Season passes on sale at $130 for adults $110 for jr/sr. ski the rest of this season and all … Continue reading "Friday 5:30 PM" [...]

We picked up another inch of snow last night. ..unexpected but welcome. We had 2 of us out grooming with the 2 PB’s …50 km of the combination trails this morning and all of the Birkie / Korte/ Prine Haakon.  about 20-30 folks skiing their virtual races during the day. Skiing was great today. We … Continue reading "Thursday 7 PM" [...]

Great skiing today . Last night 1-2 inches of new snow, both Pisten Bullies were out early morning and the single track groomer. we groomed up 80 km of the trails. [...]

Pig Heart groomed 37 km of trail this morning 6-9…..Another great day of skiing today, mild temps but the trail held up fine. We have a full groomer crew scheduled tomorrow early AM. Forecast is calling for 2-5 inches of snow tonight. [...]

Wully Bully groomed up about 40 km of skating trails today. Skiing was nice. Classic skiers had about a 1/2 inch of powder to ski in and enjoyed the warm temps.  It is lightly snowing now…Pig Heart is on the schedule to groom tomorrow and most likely will do the skate lane touch ups as … Continue reading "Monday 6 PM" [...]

Check back to see the growing list of Door Prizes to be given out at this year’s  Yooperbeiner Snowshoe/Race Walk The post 2021 Yooperbeiner Canceled appeared first on Wolverine Nordic Trails. [...]

The 2021 Tuesday Night Skinny Ski schedule We will be starting on January 5.  This group ski rotates between Wolverine, Winman Trails in Manitowish Waters, and MECCA Trails in Mercer with the addition of Razorback Ridges Trail,   3110-3120 Razorback Rd, Sayner, WI 54560.  Skiers should be ready to ski from their car at 6:00 pm.   […] The post 2021 Tuesday Night Skinny Ski Schedule appeared first on Wolverine Nordic Trails. [...]

The Wolverine Snowshoe Challenge  celebrates our new trail signs and snowshoe trails! Participants will snowshoe one or all of Wolverine’s 5 snowshoe trails at any time between Sat. Feb. 6- Sun. 21, 2021.  Names will be entered into a drawing for door prizes for each trail that is snowshoed. There will be no timing or […] The post Wolverine Snowshoe Challenge…Feb.6-21, 2021. appeared first on Wolverine Nordic Trails. [...]

Wolverine Trails and COVID-19 Dec. 14, 2020 Wolverine is taking precautions as the safety and health of visitors and volunteers is a top priority.  We continue to look to the CDC leadership for guidance.   The chalet will be open but the tables will be removed and the back room will be closed off.   No cookies, […] The post Wolverine Covid 19 Policy Dec. 2020-21 appeared first on Wolverine Nordic Trails. [...]

Ladies Lunch and Learn to Ski  Canceled ….See you next year   For beginning to intermediate skiers.  Work on technique with our instructors for either Classic striding and/or skate  skiing.  Develop a ski technique foundation and boost your confidence.  Get some pointers to break bad habits.  We’ll divide into groups and enjoy a morning together.  […] The post Ladies’ Lunch and Learn to Ski-canceled appeared first on Wolverine Nordic Trails. [...]

Do you have plans to go snowboarding on your during your Wisconsin vacation? Your stay at Heartwood Resort provides so many activities as well as some picturesque snowboarding spots nearby that you and your friends or family can easily hop over to discover.  Heartwood Resort ideally situated in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, making it a [...]

At Heartwood Resort, we fancy ourselves as pros when it comes to winter in Wisconsin. As hosts, we love to point our guests to our beautiful area's best spots and experiences. For a true winter fishing experience, you must try ice fishing in Northern Wisconsin.  Ice fishing is a centuries-old pastime that can be a [...]

Snowshoeing is becoming popular in Wisconsin. It is a fantastic workout that requires little coordination. Family members young and old can participate in the activity!  Snowshoeing is a lovely way to explore the winter wonderland of Wisconsin. There are many trail options for snowshoeing in Wisconsin, and Heartwood Resort has several. On their trails, you [...]

The picnic tables are stored away, the golf courses are closed, and the brilliant fall leaves have fallen. It’s the time when everyone at Heartwood Resort, and Wisconsin-winter sports enthusiasts, stare longingly at the stark brown landscape and pray for one thing - SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! Whether you're a veteran snowmobiler or new to the [...]

It's the holiday season. One of the most lovely traditions is holiday shopping. Yes, it may look different due to the pandemic, but it is more important than ever to support small businesses in Spooner, WI.  Fortunately, there are safety measures in place all around the shops in the town of Spooner. Your safety is [...]

The northern part of the Green Loop is still Closed for Logging [...]

The Blue Loop is now Open and groomed for skiing! [...]

TRAIL UPDATE: The Rib Lake ski trails were packed and rolled on Tuesday and are expected to be groomed and tracked by 10 am on Wed, Jan 1. Start the new decade off with some fresh air and great exercise! Bundle up! Date Date Groomed New Snow Base Skating Classic Conditions 1/1/2020 1/1/2020 6″ 8″ […] [...]

  TRAIL UPDATE: There are some sections of our ski trail system that are currently closed for logging and/or hunting at this time. You’ll see this on the Beginner Loop and the northern part of the Green Loop. Also parts of the Timms Hill trail north of Rustic Road #1. There is signage on the […] [...]

THE RIB LAKE SKI TRAILS ARE OPEN TODAY! The trails have been groomed and tracked with a little fresh powder over the top. Trail coverage is great at this early date! UPDATE: the trails are being groomed again Sunday morning and will be tracked again on the final pass. [...]

Sled Dog trails in Northern Wisconsin

Sled dog: a dog (such as a husky or malamute) trained to draw a usually heavy sled typically with other dogs over snow-covered terrain , Sled dogs were originally used in colder regions (as of northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Antarctica) as work dogs to facilitate travel and transport of supplies but are now popularly used elsewhere during the winter especially for racing. Sled dogs were important for transportation in arctic areas, hauling supplies in areas that were inaccessible by other methods. They were used with varying success in the explorations of both poles, as well as during the Alaskan gold rush. Sled dog teams delivered mail to rural communities in Alaska and northern Canada. Sled dogs today are still used by some rural communities, especially in areas of Alaska and Canada and throughout Greenland. They are used for recreational purposes and racing events, such as the Iditarod Trail and the Yukon Quest.

Dogsled racing, also called sled dog racing, sport of racing sleds pulled by dogs, usually over snow-covered cross-country courses. In warmer climates, wheeled carts are substituted for the sleds. Dogsledding was developed from a principal Eskimo method of transportation. The gold rushes in Alaska and the Yukon Territory (now Yukon) at the turn of the 20th century brought greater global attention to sled dogs, which were used at that time for freight hauling and mail delivery, as well as by fur trappers to travel between their traps. At first dogs were individually tethered to the sled in a fan hitch. This was ideal in open country, but, as the use of sled dogs expanded, the tandem hitch, for running dogs in pairs, became the standard. Sled dogs are still used for transportation and working purposes in some Arctic and subarctic areas, though they have largely been replaced by aircraft and snowmobiles. Most dog teams today are kept for recreation or racing rather than for working.