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Trade River Equestrian Trail System

Grantsburg, WI

Trail Options:   More than 40 miles of maintained, well-marked horse trails winding through breathtaking upland terrain and multiple forest types, Governor Knowles is your Northwoods destination for equestrian riding.

Trail Description: 21-mile main trail of the Trade River Equestrian Trail System. The trail takes the rider through forested and barrens habitat and is comprised of tote roads and fire lanes. The trail is rated easy with only one steep hill along the way. , Sunrise Shortcut (green signs) divides the Barrens Loop in half for those who want a shorter ride (approximately 12 miles). After leaving the Barrens Loop Trail, this 3-mile shortcut meanders through scrub oaks, pine forests and up into some hardwoods. Riders frequently view birds of prey soaring overhead. , Wolf Creek Trail (red signs) is a 5-mile loop that travels east from the Barrens Loop toward Wolf Creek. The northern portion travels through a scenic forested area at different successional stages from old growth to young forest. The southern portion follows the St. Croix River Valley, home to a wide variety of wildlife including deer, ruffed grouse and many song birds. When riders reach Wolf Creek they may at their own risk choose to tread the shallow rippling river, or cross the wooden bridge sometimes using it as a sounding board to compete with friends to determine whose horse has the purest gait. Riders frequently take this trail to Wolf Creek Tavern to enjoy a cold drink, burger or Friday night fish fry! , Riverview Trail (black signs) is the most popular and difficult trail on the state forest. The 3-mile segment begins at the Trade River Campground and runs south along a ridgetop overlooking the Trade River Valley. This very sandy path goes up steep embankments that can be quite eroded. Riders should give horses plenty of room when going up or down the trail and take their time. The overlook on this trail features a breathtaking view and is a popular place for photos and lunch. , Harris Loop (yellow signs) is a quick 2-mile loop trail located at the southwest corner of the Barrens Loop. This trail winds through stands of oak, jack pine and white.

Info: 325 State Road 70, Grantsburg, WI 54840, 715-463-2898


Horses Permitted
Horses Permitted

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